A Semester of Music

Over the past six months I’ve started (and finished) my first semester of college, went on my first overseas mission trip to Ecuador, turned 19, got my first tattoo and two (yes, two) nose piercings, gained numerous friends, backpacked for the first time, spent my last week at summer camp, and went on more road trips than I can count on two hands. Here is some of what I listened to:

for your convenience: I put together a Spotify and Soundcloud playlist with all of the music listed below and some extras (my all time favorite jam’s).


CallMeKarizma, Karizma, Riz, Morgan, whatever you want to call him- this kid is talented! I’ve been listening to him for years and he is now going on his first headlining tour. I finally get to see him live in March when he comes to the city where I reside (whoop, whoop, go Denver!). The amount of excitement I have for this is UNREAL.  So do yourself a favor and go listen to some of his songs that I have on repeat:

  • “Better Alone”
  • “Smile”
  • “Euphoria”
  • “Darkness”
  • “me you & the moon”

Mod Sun

Mod Sun performing at Vans Warped Tour (2015)

Mod Sun (Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None) is my all time favorite artist. His alternative genre called “hippy hop” is a mix of rap, hip hop, and alternative music that bleeds positivity and happiness. Mod Sun’s whole “Look Up” album is a MUST, but here are some of my favorites-

  • “Shoot ‘Em Down”
  • “Howlin’ At the Moon”
  • “My Hippy”
  • “Stoner Girl”

Foreign Talks

These were the guys that I listened to on all my road trips. Their songs are upbeat, catchy, unique, and sing along worthy.

  • “Disco”
  • “Wasted”
  • “Black Magic”
  • “Mama”


gnash, Goody Grace, and Triangle Park in concert (2016)

gnash will forever have a special place in my heart. I saw him live in October and am planning on seeing him again in May. He is such a genuine artist and the music he makes is the “chill jams to play in your car with the windows rolled down at night” type.

  • ALL OF HIS ALBUMS! (seriously)
  • “tell me it’s okay”
  • “Leave a Message”

This Wild Life

This Wild Life and yours truly (2015)

This Wild Life was introduced to me by a friend in 2015 and ever since then I’ve been in love. I’ve seen them live twice, and I can’t recommend this band enough. Amazing lyrics, beautiful sound,  and overall simply breathtaking.

  • “Wast of Time”
  • “No More Bad Days”
  • “Over It”
  • “Brick Wall”

The Faded Youth

The Faded Youth’s music is distinct, makes you think (about everything), and is truly transforming. “Nameless” is on Spotify, and “The Faded Youth” is on Soundcloud.


Movements EP  “Outgrown Things” brought out my teenage angst… and I love it. If you’re looking for songs that have heartfelt lyrics but are also scream and head bang worthy, this EP is for you.

Like Pacific

Like Pacific is touring with Movements this Spring. If they come to your city, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend seeing them.

  • “Worthless Case”
  • “Assisted Breathing”


Vivian’s whole “Flowers” EP is sweet, powerful, and touching. 10/10 would recommend.

Dizzy Wright

I originally found myself listening to Dizzy Wright because of his collaboration with Mod Sun, and he ended up putting out a lot of new (and good!) music in 2016.

  • “Smoke You Out”
  • “Train Your Mind”
  • “Killem With Kindness”
  • “Wisdom and Good Vibes”

Goody Grace

Goody Grace is a cute little Canadian who, to my joy, was on tour with gnash in October. His music is catchy and feel good, or as my roommate Bailey would describe it, “Good vibe music”.

  • “Memorie$”
  • “Pretend”
  • “Two Shots”

Icon for Hire

Icon for Hire reminds me of Paramore and Fall Out Boy . It really brings out the emo side of myself that has been hiding since I was in middle school.

  • “Make a Move”
  • “Up in Flames”
  • “Now You Know” (my personal favorite)


These sisters are simply stunning (both with who they are and the music they make). My favorite songs come from their “Native Dreamer Kin” album but their new music from “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” is just as beautiful.

Levi the Poet

I met Levi during my senior year of high school at youth group at North Church ABQ. He’s a spoken word poet, loves Jesus, and is married to one of the coolest chicks I know. My favorite piece of his,”Correspondence”, is a beautifully written fiction:  you can find “Correspondence” and other spoken poetry by Levi on his Spotify  (seriously, check it out).

Panic! At The Disco

Enough said. Honestly.

Spotify Link:
Soundcloud Link:

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