unfinished italian poems

i spent ten days in italy for a band tour. i got to play music, talk about Jesus, and apparently, find a new reason to write. these are unfinished thoughts that crossed my mind while i was away.

begin again

“wandering where no one knows my name.

above the clouds i am but a dot in the universe

feet planted firmly, my roots start to take place.

i cut them down because i do not belong-

to anyone, or anything.

my feet hit the pavement and i start running.

i run from the familiar into the midst of an unknown mystery.

craving adventure and late night spontaneous outings.

i run towards nothing.

and everything.

i run free, starting to begin again.”

her eyes reflect florence

“she is growing everywhere.

uncontrollable, unwavering, and never satisfied.

she is blossoming and thriving on rooftops and windowsills and in cracks on the sidewalk.

wherever her eyes reach is where the sun follows.

she strides through the streets with no worries,

following the shadows and alleys that know her name.

the intricate designs and patterns of her body ache with creativity.

one small spark ignites an overflow of words and pictures in her mind.

she wants to be tucked into a crevice in the wall,

but her soul belongs out in the italian air as she weaves flowers into her air and dances with her king.”

living in italy

“bright eyed and bushy tailed we make our way into the city.

euros clink in our pockets awaiting to be held in the hands of gelato venders.

we quickly maneuver through crowds to catch a glimpse of things we thought we would only see in our dreams.

we pass one italian pigeon, two italian pigeons… ‘remember when that pigeon shit on me?’

long conversations about everything yet nothing at all.

vocalizing dreams of how we will meet our maker and goals that we know may never become a reality.

but isn’t that what life is for?

losing track of time at dinner, running rampant with your friends, and uncontrollable laughter.

life was meant to be lived.”


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