lavender walls

the lavender walls envelop me and my soft white comforter is a blank canvas where all of my thoughts lay to rest.

my head hits the pillow and i am asleep- dreaming of far fetched ideas and realities that only are true in my own existence.

in the purple room there is a mirror that is dirtied by makeup and littered with pictures and notes

i would gaze into the mirror and admire my ocean blue eyes and the soft dimple that lies on my left cheek.

but as i sit on the floor of my childhood bathroom, pushing my hair out of my face and holding back tears, i realize how wrong this is.

the room, the house, the city where i overcame my insecurities and embraced positivity with a new and improved outlook on life is suddenly my downfall.

this is a funny situation because it’s good friday, and i have a feeling that this is the devil whispering lies into my ear, taking my attention away from the perfect and awe worthy King of the world.

so while i learn to be content in flaws, i take comfort in the reassurance that He is the only one that truly satisfies.

and He thinks I am beautiful.

He knows I am beautiful.


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