a gentle figure tip toes around our room as to not disturb me when i sleep.

but you often forget that i am a deep sleeper, and i want to remind you that it is okay to be selfish.

stuffed animals are scattered on your bed and dried flowers are still placed in the vase on the windowsill-

trying to cling to the memories that these objects once held and the sentimental emotions attached to them.

you are hoping and yearning for better days, but darling, the best are yet to come.

you hide behind these facades of innocence and naive childless, trying to relieve the years that you missed while growing up too fast.

there is a posed elegance about the pearls that adorn your ears and the heels that add to your 6 foot stature.

you are a goddess that does not want to hide from the world yet is afraid to shine.

so as you place the notecards and sticky notes in our room about abandoning inhibition and running into the arms of our savior, i hope that you believe it.

believe it with all your heart and let go of all the insecurities that are holding you captive.

you were made to revel in yourself.


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