shout it

i’ve been writing a lot. about feelings- or a lack there of. it is all dark and disappointing, so i don’t know if i want to share some of the pieces just yet. it’s real, and it’s me. i’m not trying to hide anymore.

i’ve been attempting to hide from God the past few months- at some points i didn’t even realize it. He was just a back burner in my life that i would only rely on in dire situations.

so while i’m sipping my green chai tea at 12:30 AM, wondering how to form my thoughts into one cohesive sentence, i am awestruck by God’s ability to speak into the life of His children through one song. one sentence. one word.

“shout it. go on and scream it from the mountains. go on and tell it to the masses. that He is God.”

while listening to and singing this song, i heard Him whisper.

“sophia. all of these disappointing situations and worries that consume you are taking control of you life. pain is temporary, people are temporary, joy is temporary, this world is temporary. focus on me. i am the only constant, never moving aspect in your life. revel in me and my good works. i am holy. i am worthy of praise.”

so to interrupt my knack for dismal writing this month, i am going to shout the good news about my Savior this summer.

i am going to be pioneering across the beautiful mountains of colorado, and i will proclaim Christ as i do it. my friends will be overseas during these short summer months- preaching to the masses about the good news that is Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for mankind.

this summer will not just be spent pursuing and chasing after God, but DECLARING His name wherever my feet (or your feet) go.


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